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The Choruses of Marta Górnicka, illustrated by HYMN TO LOVE (2017) (EN)

Rune Wittouck, academic year 2021-2022 (UvA)

The Choruses of Marta Górnicka.pdf

Marta Górnicka, HYMN TO LOVE, s.d., © Fototeatr Maciej Zakrzewski. Image from: Vadirut The First, ‘Какой год без театральных итогов? С небольшим опозданием, но вот они; будто сегодня 12 декабря’. Last accessed on 4 October 2021, https://vadirutthefirst.livejournal.com/239764.html.
For a long time now the wallpaper on my laptop shows a snapshot of one of the most remarkable theatre plays I have ever seen, HYMN TO LOVE (2017) from Polish director, author, and singer Marta Górnicka (see image). This play really touched me when I saw it back in 2018 in La Rose des Vents, Lille (France) as part of NEXT Arts Festival. […] In this essay I will first talk about the history of the chorus as a performative mechanism of reflection. Thereafter, I will aim to show you how we can link this back onto the radical works and vision of Marta Górnicka and how we can connect her modern concept of the chorus with artivism. I will illustrate with the case of HYMN TO LOVE (2017) and the artistic choices the director and her team made there.
“A beautiful essay and analysis of the CHORUSES”Marta Górnicka (Facebook)
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